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IAMB and it affiliate APAMB (Asia-Pacific Academy of Management and Business) foster a small conference setting (under 200 participants) with multi national delegates. The small setting offers professional development opportunities for scholars and practitioners through personal contacts and networking. The conferences of IAMB had attracted scholars from 20-30 different countries covering wide range of universities, academic institutions and businesses. The friendly atmosphere, the one on one opportunity for exchange and networking, and the multi national exposure were cited among the top benefits from conference attendees. Each submitted abstract/paper is peer reviewed. When appropriate, the reviewers’ comments are sent to the author(s) for revision. Only accepted abstracts/papers are presented. In addition, students may entere a special review for selecting the Best Student paper for the conference. The selected winners receive Award certificate, $250 USD, are formally and publicly recognized, and their manuscript is published in the International Journal of Management and Business.


The submissions (abstract or full manuscript) of all conference participants will be published in the Conference Proceedings on a CD ROM (ISSN 1949-9094), online (ISSN 1949-9108) and for selected conferences in print (ISSN 1949-912). The Proceedings are indexed and are listed in various reference search engines. In addition, selected manuscripts will be peer reviewed for journal publication and if accepted, they will be published in the IAMB Journal, the International Journal of Management and Business (ISSN 1949-2847 online, ISSN 1949-2839 print.)

The International Academy of Management and Business (IAMB) is a professional association dedicated to advancing the research, teaching and practice of management and business worldwide in an intellectually simulating, constructive, supportive and friendly environment.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Disseminate knowledge through professional meetings and conferences in various fields of management and business worldwide.
  2. Create a bridge between theory and practice in various regions of the globe.
  3. Offer professional development opportunities for scholars and practitioners in management and business through an interdisciplinary global network.
  4. Encourage and foster management and business research by sponsoring cutting edge projects.
  5. Offer assistance for young scholars and students to attend and make presentations at conferences.

Advisory Board
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Administration & Logistics
Telephone: (USA) (001) 650-823-1500

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