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Chief Editor:
R. Richard Dool, D.Mgt.

Teaching Professor
School of Communication and Information
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, NJ (USA)

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Senior Editor:
Stephen G. Atkins, Ph.D.

Research Director
Business Otago Polytechnic of
      New Zealand
New Zealand.

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Editorial Board

Associate Editors:
J. Michael Geringer, Ph.D.

O'Bleness Professor of
   International Strategy
Director, Center for International
   Business Education and
College of Business
Ohio University
Athens, Ohio (USA)

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Shmuel Batzri, Ph.D.
Academic Affairs
Administrative Editor, IAMB

Welcome to IJMB web site
The International Journal of Management and Business, IJMB (ISSN 1949-2847 online, ISSN 1949-2839 print) is the official publication of IAMB and is intended as a medium for advancing the organization’s mission. It provides a platform for professionals, practitioners, academics, educators and researchers in the various fields of management and business to disseminate and share the latest research, knowledge and experiences.

The International Academy of Management and Business (IAMB) is an international professional association of scholars and practitioners from academic institutions, businesses, not-for-profit organizations, and governments with an interest in management and business, dedicated to advancing the research, teaching and practice of management and business worldwide in an intellectually stimulating, constructive, supportive and friendly environment.

The Journal is published electronically on the Internet on a semi-annual basis, and includes peer reviewed publications in the field of management and business. The Journal will also serve as a platform for publications for selected papers from IAMB annual meetings.

The abstract of each published paper will also appear in other languages in addition to English. The first additional language would be the authors' native language (submitted by each paper’s author) plus at least 4-5 additional languages (French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, arabic) for the same abstract.

The mission of the journal is to:
1. To have quality peer review evaluations of the published manuscripts.
2. Disseminate knowledge in various fields of management and business worldwide.
3. Create a bridge between theory and practice within and across various regions of the globe.

As such, papers accepted for publication in the journal will either explicitly discuss international issues of interest to business and management researchers and professionals, or at least will touch on subject matters that their implications can be extended into the international arena.

Why publish in IJMB?
  • Your article will obtain more citations.
  • Your Abstract will be published in FOUR languages.
  • You own the copyright to your article.
  • Your article will be peer-reviewed and published fast.
  • All interested readers can read, download, and/or print your articles at no cost!
  • Your article can be read by potentially many readers, similarly to publishing in a traditional subscription journal.
  • IJMB journals are FREE to view!


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